FOFA 2014 Artist Pick Up Date Saturday July 12, 11am-2pm @Union Station!

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FOFA 2014 Call to Artists!

Each year Art’s Alive dedicates the month of June to the Fine Arts. For almost three decades the Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art has celebrated the visual art of Vermont residents with a Juried Exhibition and art in the windows of participating businesses on and near the Church Street Marketplace!The Juried Exhibition is currently hosted by Main Street Landing and is installed at the Art’s Alive Gallery in Historic Union Station at the foot of Main Street in Downtown Burlington.The Juried Exhibition is judged by two independent professionals in the field of visual arts who are not affiliated with Art’s Alive and three cash prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. An additional cash prize is presented to an Artist for winning the Roberto W. Fitzgerald Award. This prize is judged and awarded by the Art’s Alive Board of Directors.

FOFA 2014 Judges

Mark Waskow

   Mark Waskow has been a collector almost from birth.  One could say that he was genetically predisposed to it.  His father was an irrepressible collector and collected a wide variety of things.  Mark started with rocks and minerals at age three, moved on to seashells at age four and got into collecting insect specimens at age five.  Unlike most people who happen to collect a thing or two, Mark never stopped collecting the items comprising the previous collection.  Each new collection has been additive in nature not of a replacement nature.  There are now over 45 different collections that Mr. Waskow pursues.  Certainly, some are more active areas of interest than others.

   In 1998, Mark went to the South End Art Hop, and his relationship to art changed dramatically.  He went from a passive admirer to an enthusiastic supporter virtually overnight.  There were however, signs and symptoms along the way.  He had interacted with artists and provided materials from his collections to create cutting-edge installations as well as to create exhibitions of his collections themselves.  He had been on a board of a local Central Vermont based visual arts organization, for which he had a fondness.  It wasn’t until September of 1998 that the die was finally cast.  Within six months, he had over 300 art objects and decided that he would devote a large portion of his time and resources to creating a world class collection of contemporary art.  There are now over 15,000 art objects in this collection, The Waskowmium, which is believed to be the largest collection of its kind in Northern New England.

   Mark has never been heavily involved in an area in which he did not possess expertise.  Within a year and a half after starting The Waskowmium, he started systematically reading books about art history, art criticism, art influences, crafts, design, architecture, fashion as well as about individual artists.  He also sought out people knowledgeable in these areas with whom to interact.  He started going to galleries and museums in Boston, Montreal and particularly in New York City.  He has become a well known independent curator and public speaker in addition to his work with his own institution.  Well known for his insight and vision, his commitment to the visual arts has not wavered.  Today he is President of the Board of The South End Arts and Business Association (SEABA) (Burlington, VT), and also on the Board of The Main Street Museum (White River Junction, VT) and has previously served on the Boards of The Center for Book Arts (NYC) and the International Collage Center (Milton, PA).

P10505461-300x225Katherine Monstream

   Katharine Montstream is a landscape painter from Burlington Vermont. She first found the shores of Lake Champlain shortly after graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Although she didn’t study art in college, she soon found the “zen watercolor master,” Larry Goldsmith. His methods and book, Watercolors Bold and Free, helped Montstream discover painting in a whole new light. She studied with Goldsmith for 17 years. Other artist she has studied with: Eric Aho, Stuart Shills, Jeneanne Lunn, and Wolf Kahn. If she could meet any artist from the past, it would be Tom Thomson; Canada’s most celebrated landscape painter.

    Growing up in Wethersfield, Connecticut, Montstream was lucky in having the most inspiring and innovative public art school teacher, Ms. Pescatello. She taught privately in the summer, and Katharine learned plein air painting with her instruction at the Wethersfield Cove, the farmstands and the homes built in the 1700′s. Also, The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford was close, so Montsteam’s parents enrolled her in classes there.

   Montstream’s first solo exhibit was in 1988 at the Daily Planet in Burlington. After that, she showed at Designer Circle, Union Station and her first gallery exhibit was at Passepartout in Winooski in 1991. She exhibited two shows featuring the railyard and early waterfront called Buildings and Boxcars at Union Station in 1991 and 1992. Doll Anstadt Gallery featured Montstream’s African Dance oil paintings in 1998. She has shown in group exhibits at Furchgott and Sourdiffe Gallery in Shelburne, Envison a Pastoral Setting in Shelburne Farms and at the Basin Harbor Club’s annual summer show. In June of 2011, Montstream had a one woman show, Into the Intervale, at SEABA on Pine Street in Burlington. In October 2012, she had a second exhibit at SEABA called L’art de Paris, featuring her work from a recent trip to France.

   Montstream Studio moved from Union Station in June, 2013 and can be found at City Hall Park just three doors from American Flatbread. Her husband, Alan Dworshak, manages the business and greeting card company as well as framing the artwork and prints.

Judges’ Statement

   There were three factors that we used this year as criteria to select the Annual First, Second and Third Place Winners for The Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art.  These were as follows:

1. Originality

2. Technical Skill

3. Respect for the chosen Medium

1st Place:  The painting presented by Adrian Tans portrayed a common setting, but it was painted in a manner that was bold and original; displaying a great command of the ideas of composition and color theory.

2nd Place:  An original painting by Wendy James with light being conveyed through spaces revealing layers of selective under painting. Again, a thoroughly original composition with wonderful lines and sensitivity.

3rd Place:  Nancy Tomczak provided us with a great example of the use of collage as a medium and in the process, created a compelling piece that has a strong attached narrative.

 - Katharine Monstream + Mark S. Waskow

Roberto W. Fitzgerald Award 

Donna Ellery’s oil painting Hereford  accomplished an exquisite blend of composition, execution and presentation.

- Art’s Alive Board of Directors


1st Place

Archaeology Painting I – Rail Yard, Burlington

Oil on Canvas by Adrian Tans

 2nd Place

Bake Sale

Oil on Canvas by Wendy James

 3rd Place

Laying Claim

Watercolor Collage by Nancy Tomczak

Roberto W. Fitzgerald Award


Oil on Canvas by Donna Ellery


JUNE 1 – July 11, 2014

 Featured Artists

Mark Holmes
Don Dickson
John Metruck
Robert Vogel


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