Currently Exhibiting December 1-7, 2014

in the Art’s Alive Gallery @ Main Street Landing’s Union Station

1 Main Street Burlington VT

Burlington College in Berlin

AA_BC_In_Berlin_2014_WebPhotograph of the Berlin Wall

Press release – Burlington College in Berlin

Burlington College put out a call to writers, musicians, activists, graphic designers, painters, photographers and filmmakers for a Travel+Learn experience in Berlin.  Berlin has become a cutting edge haven for emerging artists. It is a dynamic, progressive city that embraces the new while respecting its past. Berlin is home to the most innovative art on the international stage today. Our students travelled to unexpected places, multiple art openings, pop-up galleries and musical performances throughout their 8 day experience.

With new energy based in the grit, restlessness and experimental spirit of Berlin, our students have travelled abroad and are bringing Germany to Vermont with art inspired by their journey. The artworks cover a wide variety of media, but all are engaging, challenging and bring to life the experiences of the travelers.

Artist’s Reception First Friday December 5, 5-8pm


Currently Exhibiting in the Gallery @ Main Street Landing  Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2014

Lake & College Building on the Burlington Waterfront

60 Lake Street, 2nd Floor Suite 2E

Art’s Alive Presents: Bob Seaman/’rasthree’

Being In Order

 Picnic of Purposeless[ness], Mixed Media by rasthree

Being In Order is Bob Seaman’s first solo show. Under the alias ‘rasthree’, he has put together a collection of art that reinvents and repurposes everyday familiar objects.  These objects range from ones we may place our hands on everyday to ones that illuminate our world to ones that may hold it all together. rasthree pulls these items together in unique and questioning compositions using various methods. All works are meant to convey an idea, a theory, or mood. We are comfortable with the idea of mixed media art, but rasthree pushes the boundary by incorporating these unrelated objects into interesting forms.


Reception Friday Dec 12, 5-8pm